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Spur Magazine July 2010 interview: Fei Fei Sun by Wayne Sterling

Wayne Sterling of Models.Com and interviewed Fei Fei Sun for Spur Magazine on April 26, 2010.

It started as a glimmer when Fei Fei a 20 year old fashion student from China came ambling down the Jil Sander FW 10 runway . Because of her presence and her poise in that engagement, instantly the queries started to pour in as to who this sensational new find ,might be. Casting directors found themselves cross-comparing notes, a rare occurrence in a modeling world marked by an overflow of too many new faces at the same time. By the time the dust settled in Paris, Fei Fei had marched down the catwalk for the likes of luxury brands like Celine, Miu Miu and Hermes signaling just how unique a beauty she was. The feedback from the fittings and the go-sees was that Fei Fei was a rare proposition offering a new look that was so distinct and editorial you could sense that her success was not a fad but rather the first steps in what could be a truly breakthrough career. Spur caught with this fascinating newcomer in her first week in New York. We found that all the advance buzz about Fei Fei's intelligence, grace, humor and humility were all totally true. What we found most touching was her determination to share her wonderful new experiences with her classmates back in her Shanghai University. That is the mark of a truly sensitive spirit, the feature that will render Fei Fei a very memorable model for a long time to come.

Wayne Sterling: Where in China are you from Fei Fei?
Fei Fei Sun: I'm from a small town near to Shanghai. I model in Shanghai though.

WS Your agent tells me you studied fashion at your University.
FF. Yes I was studying clothing design and there was a little bit of modeling to that.At Suzhou University they allow you to study just about anything. Taking photographs…modeling…clothing design…or singing…playing the piano…You could study anything at my school.

WS: What did you use as your reference for learning about international modeling world from China?
FF: As you know I have many friends and they are starting out as clothing designers. We talk among each other about the Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan, Paris so everyday we would check and and look at the pictures of the shows and the backstage. We also would buy the magazines like Vogue and Elle in China. We'd buy foreign books too like ID and Pop. My school in Shanghai is a very good university . When you finish your high school and are trying to get into the university…my university..the entry requirement is very high. You have to study hard to get into that university so my friends…everyone there is very bright (laughs)

WS:Does China has a main fashion city?
FF: In China Shanghai and Bejing is like New York vs Paris. Shanghai is the New York and Beijing is more like Paris. It is very different. I chose Shanghai because my university is near Shanghai and for modeling every day I have castings and jobs there. So I told my school I wanted to give international modeling a try so I could travel and see everywhere. This is my first time ever in New York and so was London, Milan , Paris so everything to me is new.

WS: How does New York strike you as a first time experience?
FF: My friends told me that New York was going to be a lot like Shanghai but I think New York is better. I love my agency. Everyone here is friendly to me. Once I had some rest I started just walking everywhere in New York. I went to Times Square because my friends told me if you come to New York, you must go to Times Square.

WS: Are there lots of young girls in China deeply into fashion?
FF: It is different than the way it is in Europe. Girls are in school and the teachers don't like young girls in China to wear in make-up. Maybe Saturdays and Sundays. But Monday to Friday you wear your school clothes.

WS: Do you think you're going to be famous in China?
FF: In China the Market Directors always come to the shows in Milan and Paris.. When the fashion editors see me in the shows they stop me after the show to say congratulations. It is my first time in Europe. I'm a new face there. My friends and the fashion editors are very supportive because sometimes it is hard to get into those shows when you are a Chinese girl. Maybe 1 or 2 shows would be good.

WS: But not so many top shows in your first season was amazing! Are there Chinese designers becoming big stars at home?
FF: Shanghai and Bejing both have Fashion Weeks. The time is March to May. Do you know Qiu Hao? . Foreign people call him Hao Qui. He started in London at St Martins . In China the Fashion Week is not like Paris or New York. The Fashion Week has many clothing designers showing and many Chinese models.

WS: It means it is a growing market.How was experiencing Europe for the first time?
FF: I liked it . During the day you had many to things to do and you had very little free time. I got to see many famous models. Many super girls and Top Models.

WS: And now you're one of them (laughs)
FF: It was very interesting the Fashion Week. When I first came to London, I thought…wow ..this is really different. I didn't know where to go…where to buy clothes…what area I was in. But the people in London were very friendly and when you were standing there and you don't know where to go , maybe some people would say "Do you need some help?" .The city of Paris is very beautiful. Fashion Week in Paris is very busy. Everyday it was fittings till very late , maybe until midnight. But my driver was so friendly and he would tell me what the name of the famous buildings were. He cared for me especially at lunch time and dinner time. After Fashion Week I went back to Shanghai and told my friends that the people were really kind and I didn't feel lonely.

WS: Were there any specific shows where you thought "Wow..these clothes are so beautiful"
FF: Every fashion show I go to is a new one for me. For me all the clothes were a surprise. I enjoyed all the designers. They were different. Different people had a different style. You could see their personality in the clothes they made.

WS: You said it so perfectly. Are you going back to university soon?
FF: Modeling is the first thing now but school will always be important too. In school you can learn a lot of different things. Your friends and you are all growing together. When I am finished modeling I will go back to school to study to be a clothing designer.

WS: What if the modeling is for a long time like 10 years?
FF: I hope I can do this for a long time. I love shooting and the shows and meeting different people. I'm trying my best to do it for a long time.

WS: The longer you work in New York and Europe the more famous you'll become in China.
FF: That would be fun but I was not modeling just to be famous. I was doing it just because I like it. I don't know how to say…I like modeling not because I want people to know me but because I enjoy it and it helps to learn so many new things.

WS: Well I adored speaking with you Fei Fei . I think you are so beautiful and you have the spirit to match it. Thank you for talking time out for Spur.
FF: Thank you it was very nice to meet you!

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Cover Magazine May 2010 preview: Louise Pedersen, ph: Rick Shaine

Cover Magazine May 2010 Cover
Model: Louise Pedersen
Photographer: Rick Shaine
Scan Source:

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W Korea June 2010 preview: Valentina Zelyaeva, ph: Jeffrey Graetsch

Jeffrey Graetsch photographed Valentina Zelyaeva for W Korea on April 20, 2010 in New York with stylist Brylie Fowler

W Korea June 2010 Cover
Model: Valentina Zelyaeva
Photographer: Jeffrey Graetsch
Stylist: Brylie Fowler
Makeup: Rie Omoto
Hair: Dennis Gots
Scan Source: See Management Blog

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Woman Spain Cover Preview: Shannan Click, ph: Hunter and Gatti, stylist: Marta Lasierra

Hunter and Gatti photographed Shannan Click for the cover of Woman Magazine on March 21, 2010 in Jerba, Tunisia with stylist Marta Lasierra

Woman June 2010 Cover
Model: Shannan Click
Photographer: Hunter and Gatti
Stylist: Marta Lasierra

Chanel Pre Fall 2010 campaign: Mirte Maas, ph: Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel Pre-Fall 2010 Campaign
Model: Mirte Maas
Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld

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June 2010 Allure editorial - Valentina Zelyaeva, ph: Regan Cameron, stylist:Siobhan Bonnouvrier

Regan Cameron photographed Valentina Zelyaeva for Allure on February 2, 2010at in Miami with stylist Siobhan Bonnouvrier.

Allure June 2010 Editorial
Model: Valentina Zelyaeva
Photographer: Regan Cameron
Stylist: Siobhan Bonnouvrier
Makeup: Frank B
Hair: Kevin Ryan

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China Vogue June 2010 - Fei Fei Sun, ph: Jem Mitchell

Behati Prinsloo by Kayt Jones

Kayt Jones photographed Behati Prinsloo & Jamie Strachan for the i-D Magazine on February 18, 2010 in LA with stylist Pippa Vosper.

i-D Magazine
Model: Behati Prinsloo & Jamie Strachan
Photographer: Kayt Jones
Stylist: Pippa Vosper
Hair: John Ten
Makeup: Kate Lee
Film "The Corner" directed by Jay Rodan & Kayt Jones

Video can be seen here on

Heather Marks Italian Vogue interview video

The video interview can be seen here on

The face of an angel that doesn't hide her determination to be always true to herself.
Famous for big blue eyes and a cheeky, elf-like look. She's known in the fashion world for being one of the doll-like models.

Personal style
"Pretty much you just have to be yourself! Every girl has their own style, and that's what clients like. They like to see variety. I wouldn't really say that I adjust my style to match those of designers etc, I dress to be comfortable."

Born in Calgary to British parents, at 11 she won a local beauty pageant. She immediately started working in advertising for brands like Calvin Klein and Karl Lagerfeld.

"Starting at the age of 14, you're thrown into such a crazy industry. You're working with girls double the age of you, I found I was always the youngest girl out there. I find you have to mature in this business, it's almost like you're forced to; personality and maturity is about 80 percent of the business."

One of her first modelling jobs took her, at 15, to Zanzibar for a photo shoot. "The whole experience was absolutely amazing, taking a two-seater plane over the ocean, seeing monkeys in the forest, and the children there are absolutely amazing!"

She's a volunteer for NewYorkcares, she looks after the animals that the association rescues. But when she's at home she takes care of her English bulldog, Otis. She has a tongue piercing and a tattoo on her left ankle.

Like all Canadians, she loves sport: soccer, snowboarding and wakeboarding.

Never leaves home without
Her BlackBerry and her chapstick.

In public
Totally casual.

In private
"I wear tracksuit trousers when I'm at home."

Shoes and bags
"My favourite bag is the Brenda by Alexander Wang. As for shoes, I usually wear ballerina pumps. But my favourites among high-heels are Christian Louboutin booties."

"I currently prefer to mix delicate jewellery with rather more chunky pieces."

"I cut my own hair, I'm used to it. My best look is when I've just washed it, very natural."

Fashion tip
"Be yourself, don't be afraid of saying who you are. Don't follow the latest trends just because it's easy."

Good habits
Kickboxing, running and cycling.

Bad habits

She loves
"My dog Otis".

She hates

Obsessed with
Mac's Nars Laguna Bronzer.

Favourite designers
Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang and Rodarte.

Favourite music
"I'm Canadian, I can't be anything but a country girl."

Favourite food

Favourite drink
Coconut water. "Sometimes I'll have a white wine, more like when I'm away in Mexico. I enjoy a light Pinot Grigio."

Favourite movie
Now and Then by Marlene King.

Favourite book
"The books my mother used to read to me when I was little."

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." [Napoleon Hill]

First thing in morning
"I put something on."

Last thing before bed
"I brush my teeth."


Souen, New York.
Angelica Kitchen, New York.

Cooffe Break
B Cup Cafè, New York.
7A Cafè, East Village, New York.

Cowboys, a Calgary, my hometown.

Park Hyatt, Istanbul.

Aritzia in Canada.
The Reformation, Lower East Side, New York.

Laurie Foley @ L'atelier de Laurie, New York.

Great Jones Spa, New York.
Russian and Turkish Baths, New York.

Clic Gallery, New York.

"My Kindle".

Furniture shops
Antique shops in Woodstock, New York.

Other personal addresses
"The best escape: Sicamous, British Columbia, Canada. I've got a cabin in those part"

Edited by: Marika Surace

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032c preview: Natasa Vojnovic, ph: Danko Steiner

As seen on the New York Times:

photo of the magazine by Patricia Wall, original photo by Danko Steiner

Celebrating the New World, Bravely


Scarlett Johansson is a very good actress, but since we don’t need any more articles about the brand kitten’s style, let’s enjoy a big gulp of the contemporary culture provided by 032c, the Berlin-based magazine that is published twice a year. The latest issue, the 19th, is just out.
I adore 032c. Many of us are feeling a little discouraged by the bombardment of stuff on the Web that doesn’t inform or surprise, and 032c is an antidote for that. It sort of destroys the notion that printed journals don’t have the quickness or relevance of blogs. No, they just have to be serious about what they do.

The magazine is operated by Joerg Koch, its editor, and Sandra von Mayer-Myrtenhain, its managing editor, and many of the big fashion brands — Dior, Prada, Tom Ford, YSL — advertise there.

The lineup for the current issue includes a look at the impact of a 1960 article about Cy Twombly, with photos by Horst, that ran in American Vogue and that was rediscovered in 2003 by the interiors magazine Nest. As Mr. Koch wrote, it’s a “story on the story on the story.” Despite Vogue’s solid name and Horst’s gorgeous images of Mr. Twombly’s house in Rome, the original article, “Roman Classic Surprise,” may have compromised the artist’s career. At that time artists were not supposed to be part of a chichi world. The 032c piece is an unusual way to consider views from the past in the context of current assumptions.

There is also a group of articles and photographs about the American writer William T. Vollmann — or, I should say, a rare published dialogue with him (based on a correspondence by mail) and extracts from his books. The standard of the choices of ideas and images, which include a fair amount from the fashion front, always feel a bit higher at 032c. Anyway, I plan to dig in this weekend between the mowing and mulching in the garden.

Of the new issue, Mr. Koch wrote: “In a time such as ours, when all forms of cultural expression seem to occur simultaneously — as if ‘contemporary’ were essentially just a byline for the past, present and future combined — stories like these become rough blueprints for the new creative aesthetic proposed within the pages of 032c.”

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May 2010 Italian Vogue editorial: Kylie Bax, Photo: Steven Klein, Stylist: Patti Wilson

Steven Klein photographed Kylie Bax for a May 2010 Italian Vogue editorial on March 18, 2010 in Brooklyn, New York with stylist Patti Wilson.

May 2010 Italian Vogue Editorial.
Model: Kylie Bax
Photographer: Steven Klein
Stylist: Patti Wilson
Hair: Garren
Makeup: Kabuki
Art Director: Giovanni Bianco