Tuesday, September 29, 2009

People All Around But I Don't Hear A Sound

Prada Spring 2010 show soundtrack: Brenda Lee's "All Alone Am I":

All alone am I ever since your goodbye
All alone with just a beat of my heart
People all around but I don't hear a sound
Just the lonely beating of my heart

No use in holding other hands
For I'd be holding only emptiness
No use in kissing other lips
For I'd be thinking just of your caress

All alone am I ever since your goodbye
All alone with just a beat of my heart
People all around but I don't hear a sound
Just the lonely beating of my heart

No other voice can say the words
My heart must hear to ever sing again
The words you used whisper low

No other love can ever bring again

All alone am I ever since your goodbye
All alone with just a beat of my heart
People all around but I don't hear a sound
Just the lonely beating of my heart

Numero Tokyo November 2009 cover - Toni Garrn

Numero Tokyo November 2009 Cover
Model: Toni Garrn
Photographer: David Vasiljevic

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lori Goldstein - October Italian Vogue preview

Lori Goldstein, Photo: Steven Meisel

Interview with Style.Com's Meenal Mistry:

Meenal Mistry: We love the dream at Tony Duquette’s house.

Lori Goldstein: That was my favorite.

MM: Mine too. Of course, along with the Versace Jackie Susann campaign.

LG: What can you say? Those were the days.

MM: Are there certain images that stay with you the most? Or that get commented on the most?

LG: Well, the Versace ads are something that people always refer to. I could talk about that all day long because it was just everything that I live for. It was a moment where it all converged. I started working with Steven [Meisel] again. I had worked for Allure so we hadn’t been working together. It just kind of happened. The thought process is never, “How can we make this happen?” I’m really of the school of “Let’s just go for it.” That was just this magical convergence of Donatella asking me to work with her, Steven doing the campaign, us starting to work for Italian Vogue again and me being obsessed with Jacqueline Susann again. I had been obsessed with her since the seventh grade in Ohio.....

MM: Have you worked with Steven Meisel recently?

LG: I just did a story with Steven for the October issue of Italian Vogue. All I can say is that I live for him, I love him. There’s no one like him. He’s just unbelievable. I’m so inspired when I work with him I want to pull in every single piece of everything, find every new young designer. He just loves to see what young people are doing, what talented people are doing. We just marvel at every little piece that I bring in. He’s like, ‘Where did you find that?’ And I love that. I love being inspired like that.

MM: What’s the story about?

LG: It’s just a Steven and Lori story, a bakookle Steven and Lori story. We just did fashion and there’s really no theme. We’re in a club but it’s just the piling-on, the bakookleness, the great girls that we love.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Christopher Kane Spring 2010 Show - Beauty

"I saw a documentary about the Jonestown mass suicides in Guyana in 1978,so I started thinking about religious cultism," he said. "But that only happened at
the end. I was also looking at a photo of Nancy Reagan on the White House lawn, and the movie Lolita. I loved Jeremy Irons' tailored vest in the remake. So that's where the suiting came from."
- Christopher Kane

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Bruberry Prorsum Spring 2010 show

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 Show
Time: September 22, 2009 6:30 pm
Location: London, SW1
Designer: Christopher Bailey
Casting Director: Barbara Nicoli

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Monday, September 21, 2009

Christopher Kane Spring 2010 Show

Christopher Kane Spring 2010 Show
Time: September 21, 2009 at 2:30 pm
Location: Topshop Venue, P3 University of Westminster, Luxborough St, NW1
Casting Director: Russell Marsh

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2010 Show Soundtrack

The Pet Shop Boys - "Left to my own devices":

Donna Summer - "Love to love you baby":

The Doors/Blondie - "Riders on the storm/Rapture":

Giorgio Moroder - "Chase/Theme from Midnight Express":

John Paul Young - "Love is in the air":

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2010 Show

Tommy Hilfiger was the last show of the Spring 2010 shows at New York Fashion Week. I attended the show with my co-workers Miguel, Matt and our friend Cody. It was Cody's fist fashion show. Seeing the show from his perspective opened my eyes to how lucky I am to be surrounded by so much beauty. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. This show was truly joyful. The show was all about modern American classics - the hair was a side part that flowed when the women walked. Most of the collection was silk or jersey, and it too flowed with the body. The soundtrack turned the mother out:

  • "Left to my own devices" - The Pet Shop Boys
  • "Love to love you baby" - Donna Summer
  • "Riders on the storm/Rapture" mashup - The Doors/Blondie
  • "Chase: Theme from Midnight Express" - Giorgio Moroder
  • "Love is in the air" - John Paul Young

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2010 Show
Time: September 17,2009 at 8:00 pm
Location: Bryant Park Tent, 40th Street at 6th Avenue
Stylist: George Cortina
Casting Director: Jessica Weinstein

Natasha Poly

Iselin Steiro

Kasia Struss

Natasha Poly

Heloise Guerin

Vlada Roslyakova

Iselin Steiro

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Natasha Obsessed

Panos Yiapanis photographed Natasha Poly for Muse Magazine on May 28,2009 with Creative Director Riccardo Tisci.

Muse Magazine Fall 2009 Cover
Model: Natasha Poly
Photographer: Panos Yiapanis
Creative Director: Riccardo Tisci

The entire issue of Muse Magazine is devoted to Natasha Poly, including the work of Craig McDean, Billy Sullivan, Sølve Sundsbø, David Hamilton, Francois Nars, David Benjamin Sherry, and Yelena Yemchuk.

Now Representing Eliza Cummings

Intimate Portrait of Fashion Week Backstage by Daria Strokous at Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo is very pleased to announce our participation in Fashion’s Night Out with a cocktail reception to premiere the unique photography exhibition “Intimate Portrait of Fashion Week Backstage” by fashion model Daria Strokous. This special event is being co-hosted by Vogue Photography Director, Ivan Shaw and the exhibition’s photographer Daria Strokous. The store will remain open for shoppers during the event and visual has planned a special fashion presentation from our runway collections in our Fifth Avenue windows.

We invite you and a guest to join us for cocktails and light hors d’oeuvres from 7-9pm in our New York Flagship store to preview the exhibition. 100% of all sales from the exhibition will be donated to the Art of Elysium’s Kids Clicking Kids program, promoting photography to children in hospitals.


The exhibition will be in-store through September 19th.

Salvatore Ferragamo
655 Fifth Avenue
(at East 52nd Street)
New York City, NY 10022
+1 212 759 3822

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Heather Marks Polaroids

Taken on the roof of Women today:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009