Friday, October 5, 2012

Mirte Maas - Spur November 2012

Ph: Jonas Gustavsson
Interview and Text: Wayne Sterling

From your debut opening at Alexander Wang in 09 to your Spring 12 ad for Tom Ford, how have you changed as a model?
From the beginning, I looked at modeling as a side hobby... Something I'd like to do for a year and go back to school. Once I got a real taste of the business, I started to understand that being a model is real job and something I could build as a career. When I started my first season I had no idea what I was getting into. I went from being a normal high school student in holland to working as a model with some of the top designers and professionals in the industry. When I finally decided to move to NY, that's when I began to take the job seriously.

What is the best thing you've learnt from the modeling industry?
To adjust quickly to a new environment. Before modeling, my weeks were pretty planned out, always knowing where I would be from day to day. Life was different when I knew I had friends and family around to help me out whenever I needed them.
With modeling you spend a lot of time with people you don't know in places you've never been and there's a lot of time alone as well. It's taught me how to be independent and overcome a lot of insecurities.

Tell us a little bit about the town you are from and your family.
I grew up near a town called Breda.  It's a really nice city in Holland - Kind of like a small version of Amsterdam. I lived there with my parents, brother and sister.
Our village was actually right next to Breda - about 20 min bike ride. I had a really nice childhood, never had to worry much. I never modeled much during school so I'm happy I really got to have my childhood and started working as a model after I finished high school and was old enough to understand the responsibilities that came with the job.

Fashion wise are you more an outfit oriented or are you more about accessories ( bags, shoes etc )
I guess more outfit-oriented. I love clothes and accessories, but I find that I wear my shoes and bags for longer and with a lot more frequency than any particular piece of clothing from my closet.
Of course, when I pick an outfit to wear that day I do try to coordinate a bag or shoe with it, but many of my accessories are neutrals so they go with everything.

How would you describe your off duty style?
Very casual. In the summer I always wear jeans or shorts and a blouse or a t-shirt. I like to keep it simple.
With my boots (I have 2 pair of the same rag & bone shoes that I really like-  I'd rather wear the same ones every day because they feel good and comfortable).
I just don't like the feeling of wearing a skirt or dress unless I'm going somewhere special.

What's a great hidden fashion store that you've discovered in your travels?
I love Tokio 7 in east village in NY.
Its a vintage shop that sells a lot of great designers on consignment.  I'm also a big fan of Acne and Helmut Lang.

What do you for fun when you have some time off from modeling?
In NY, I try to bike everywhere. Its a nice way to get out and see the city from a different point of view (plus it's good exercise). I ride along the river or across the bridge a lot.

What music have you been listening to lately?
It might not be the coolest, but I have to admit I love cheesy pop music. Especially when I'm shooting - I just love mainstream, everything from Wiz Khalifa to Nicki Minaj. As long as it sounds cool and makes me feel energized.

How to you stay in shape ?
I try to eat healthy. I've been pretty lucky that I have quite a fast metabolism, because I like more food than I can actually eat!
Of course, I try to work out when I have the time. I probably go to the gym every other day when I'm not working. I mostly mix it up with cardio, light weights and pilates.

Outside of your modeling dreams what is your biggest ambition for your life?
That one day I can say I am proud and content with what I've done in my life. I don't need to be famous or someone people admire, but I'd like to live a content life and find something I truly enjoy doing... some that I can succeed in and know I did well. I'd maybe have a family on my own someday also.

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